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Cancellation and Refund


We work really hard to provide you with the best quality products.

In the rare cases our Products have any damages/defects, please read below :

If the product is damaged/defected in any way, please know that we are extremely sorry to hear this. Our quality assurance process includes extensive checks during manufacturing and before shipment, in order to drastically reduce the chances that you will get a defective or damaged item.

But if your product still has any damages/defects at the time of delivery, please follow our returns procedure.


Return Procedure: 

Our delivery process is designed to do a final check for damages on your behalf. 

Please make sure to confirm that there are no damages/defects before you sign off for delivery.

Once you sign off on delivery, you consent and agree that the products were delivered to you without any damages/defects and that the sale is full and final.

If you do find any issues, please notify our delivery manager right away.

Once you sign off on delivery, we will assume that the products were delivered to you without any damages/defects.

As per these Terms, you hereby consent and agree that in all cases, will make the final judgment on whether an item has a defects/damages of any kind.

For Cancellation of Order:

Since we are custom makers, we only manufacture items that you have ordered. For this reason, we cannot offer exchanges or cancellations of any kind at this time.

We suggest that you get in touch with our executives before confirming an order, in case of any queries.

We offer 5 years on warranty on our raw material i.e. wood.  Upon delivery, you will receive a warranty card for the product delivered. Make sure to ask for one, incase you did not receive it at the time of the delivery. 


When we transport furniture from our warehouse, we take special care to double pack the edges and fabrics especially so that it reaches you in perfect condition. 


We offer installation and repair service to our existing customers within 100k radius of Bangalore city as of now. 

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