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10 Cozy Bedroom Ideas ( To make you want to stay in bed all day )

After a long day at work, or a stressful day attending classes, or even a hectic day of looking after your kids, a bedroom is one place in the house that is truly yours!! To make sure that room is as inviting as a hot chocolate fudge on a cold winter night, we bring to you some great ideas, some DIY tips, and some inspiration so that you can have a cozy bedroom! Whether you are short on budget, or low on time, whether it’s about working on that master bedroom, or adding more comfort to the guest bedroom or even if it’s just about providing a more inviting place for the kids to their bedroom, we have tips for you all.

1. Treat Bedroom like your own little bubble – Play with fabrics.

In terms of fabric and textures, go for softer shades and comfortable fabrics. Opt for fully upholstered headrest for the bed, if you stay in colder regions- opt for knits. Knits provide more than just blankets but also throws and pillow covers. If you stay in warmer regions – then opt for linen and cottons. Leather is also a great option for people who like darker and calmer bedrooms.

2. Rugs , Rugs and more rugs !!

Whether you stay in colder or warmer regions, when a person wakes up , his/her feet should not touch a cold hard surface. Opt for rectangular shaped slim rugs to put on either side of the bed, add area rugs to cover the large open surfaces in the bedroom to give it that lush look.

3. Pillows, pillows and more pillows !!

Again, just like rugs, you can never go wrong with pillows in creating that warm oomph factor for your bedroom. There is no such thing as too many pillows. Have a range of pillows from hard to medium to soft , to small bolsters and big super soft feathery pillows. After a long day of tiring work, those super soft pillows will be your best friends.

4. Use of Wood :

If you ware on your way to creating a new bedroom, maybe think about that wooden flooring again. Wooden floored bedrooms are instantly more cozier and warmer than any other flooring options. If you can’t do that, add some wooden furniture in the room besides that bed. It can be a modern or even a classical piece of bedside table, or a dressing table, or even a beautiful statement piece of a chest of drawers. East Lifestyle is a luxury furniture store in Bangalore that offers some great wooden furniture options .

5. Create warmth with lighting:

We in India, often have tubelights installed in our bedrooms, they instantly takes the coziness out of the room. Instead, go for sombre lighting, add a peppy shade lamp on your bedside, use fairy lights if you want the festive look in the room. Make sure no harsh lights fall from the ceiling, lower the tones of lights towards the night to create a soothing experience.

6. Dress up the feet of the bed with an upholstered bench or chest :

It may seem old fashioned, but having a well made, suited to your requirement chest at the end of your bed, will not only help you store bed linens in a cleaner manner, but also provide for extra seating space, which will instantly add volume to your room. Get your customized upholstered bench/ chest today from bedroom furniture store in Bangalore- East Lifestyle. They tailor make all the pieces as per your liking and requirement.

7. Play with wallpapers and patterns :

This one is specially for the kids. From floral accents to their favorite cartoon sequels, you get a variety of wallpapers these days in the market, these can be changed every year and costs much less than getting that paint job done again and again. And at the same time, a mix of patterns will instantly add the warmth and coziness to any size of bedroom.

8. Let’s go vintage :

Nothing better than putting a much loved personal piece of heirloom. If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time you make a visit to an antique shop. Old antique pieces have a rustic charm about them which speaks of love and warmth over the years. If you have such old piece of furniture that you want to use but can’t, bring it over to East Lifestyle, a designer furniture studio in Bangalore, who specializes in restoring antique furniture as well as in manufacturing Victorian and colonial designs.

9. Spend a little extra on the bedding :

While you may be working on a budget, but no amount of hard work will pay off if you don’t have a comfortable sleeping condition. Right from the mattress to duvet covers to a higher thread count linen bed sheets. Do a little research, spend a little extra but make sure you get the right kind for yourself.

10. Strategic placement of furniture:

Last but the most important thing to remember when working on getting a cozy warm bedroom, is how you place your furniture. You must visualize the placement before buying any furniture. Depending on the size of the room, not every item available at furniture stores might be suited for you. This is the time to look for brands/ stores that can help you customize the size and fabrics for that perfect little space of heaven. East Lifestyle – a luxury designer studio in Bangalore, is one such place where you can get each piece customized just how you like.

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