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Beauty of Colonial Furniture and How to get it! (Detailed Guide)

What is Colonial Furniture? As per Merriam Webster dictionary – “Colonial furniture was made in the American colonies before the end of the Revolution and largely influenced by contemporary European styles (as the Queen Anne and Georgian) but having some indigenous features (as greater variety in woods and more extensive use of turnings)”. It was seen heavily from the mid 1600s to mid 1700s.

Colonial Furniture Design
Colonial Furniture Design

Colonial furniture is seeing a comeback in furniture trends. Although the use of heavy wood working and intrinsic craftsmanship made this style loose it’s grip on people in the early 2000s and adding to it was the fact that Colonial furniture is expensive than modern day design furniture. But with increase in awareness and more and more designers leaning towards mid century and colonial designs, there is a heavy inclination towards the same in the last year and the trend seems to only catch on. East Lifestyle in Bangalore, India has been known for its colonial furniture and has been doing it for over 23 years now, making them best custom made furniture shop especially if Colonial and Mid century designs are what you looking for.

best colonial furniture store in bangalore
Best colonial furniture

Read further to see how you can add these grand designs to your home without making them look like a museum:

1. Rattan and teak - This classical combination is a must have! Organic cane worked with light toned teak wood makes the piece look not just royal but exceptionally beautiful. Be it a sofa or just an arm chair- add this combination to your living room to bring back memories from the past.

2. 4 poster bed – Also known as Canopy bed., with giant four posters this was the only way the royals and the riches knew their beds. Most known types in canopy bed are Mahogany tester bed, George III four poster and early Victorian bed. These beds are a hallmark of Colonial furniture, Team them up with dark accents like blues and blacks to add a touch of modernism to this old school bed. East Lifestyle also makes all these kinds of bed.

3. Leather or solid wood trunks – In the mid 1600s and 1700s, leather trunks were used by the Queen and the families of Royals while traveling, although with better travel bags now people don’t travel anymore with trunks, but they have found a place in people’s home acting as storage units or just as beautiful reminder of past.

4. English Wing Chairs - A must have for any home in America and even Europe and now India . Mega size arm chairs for comfortable seating. Use fabrics such as faux leather / exotic materials to add glamour to the wing chairs. Most commonly used infront of fireplaces, reading areas, bedrooms and even living areas. Visit East Lifestyle website to see some interesting wing chairs options. Known for colonial furniture designs, they are a master of these kinds.

5. Color theme – Although Colonial style emphasizes on use of neutral tones such as browns and greys, but to add a touch of modernism to this, we recommend mixing tones of whites and blue to add that Caribbean touch to the room, which again draws it’s roots from Classical Colonial styles.

Follow these simple ideas if you plan on making your next room / house / even work space reflect the richness and grandness of this style.

If you love these ideas and designs, reach to us at for more information on Colonial furniture and it’s design. For best custom made furniture especially colonial custom made designs visit East Lifestyle store in Bangalore and see for yourself that how easy and beautiful it is to add Victorian feel to your home. Bespoke craftsmanship and beautiful detailing makes this a very elegant way of doing your homes.

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