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Corona Free Homes

Carefree attitude has now taken a backseat since the break of Pandemic in 2020. Countries across world are fighting the hard battle of keeping their citizens safe and Covid free. Lock downs across world has put people back in their homes and work from home, school from home has now become a new way of living. While we can't forever shut ourselves inside our house, we can make sure we take all precautions to not bring the virus back home with us

Earlier when anyone would come home, how many of us would wash our hands and face ? How many of us would wash our veggies before put them for storage? How many of us cleaned our online shopping packages upon arrival ? All this has now changed, East Lifestyle, India's leading luxury furniture design studio has sum up the must do things to keep your homes Corona Free. All the precautions you need upon entering back to your safe zone !!

Simple Easy Steps to keep yourself and your family safe!

- Make a Sanitization Box at the entrance gate

Use an old corrugated box or any medium to big sized box / laundry bags and tape on it - "Items to be sanitized" -

Anyone coming inside can throw in their items in that box before they enter the house. That can include items such as shoes, belts, bags, house and car keys, delivery packages etc..

- Keep a sprayer bottle on the entrance console / table.

Use disinfectant such as HYDRUS - to spray all things before they enter your house. Same can be used as skin sanitizer, make anyone who comes wash their hands with the spray.

For big spaces or gates etc you can use Knappsack sprayers such as :

- For veggies :

If you have a driveway or some open space before your door, lay down all vegetables and fruits on the ground, spray them all with disinfectant such as HYDRUS / soap solution . Throw away all packaging into the dustbin outside the door. Bring all the veggies back in , let them dry before you put them for storage.

If you don't have outdoor space, bring the vegetable bag in your balcony and do the same there.


When you sit in your car after coming from a super market or any shop, keep a spray bottle ready, spray your hands, your mask, your keys before starting the car. Spray everything else upon arrival at home. Spray the door and gates if any daily help workers come and use the same be it delivery people, be it garbage collectors, your doorman, your helps, or even your family members.

- Accepting Deliveries

Kindly opt for contact less deliveries, be it your grocery supplier or medicine supplier . Pay online and ask the delivery man to leave the items at the door for you to pick them up later. Then again, do not take them in your house without spraying the outsides of the package first.

- Open Curtains

No it has not been proven that sunlight can corona virus, it is not for the virus. It is for you !! For the people staying at home. Staying indoors for such long period of time is proven to have impact on human's psychological health.

Let that natural light come in everyday, sit outdoors in balcony and terrace every evening , let air circulate through your home. Keep it airy and light.

-In case of emergency let in of helps

what to do when a serviceman needs to come to repair that AC or fan of yours? Well, spray again !!

Before the man enters, ask him to take his shoes outside, spray the disinfectant on his clothes and skin ( HYDRUS is EU Certified Skin , hair and clothes safe disinfectant, proven to work againts Corona Virus) , if he is not wearing a mask ( Please do not let him enter ) - its always great to keep 2-3 surgical masks handy in such situation to give to them... Do not stay in the same room as the service man, keep your own masks on, and once he leaves, make sure to sanitize spray all touch points .

Steps East Lifestyle is taking to keep their studio and work- corona free

East Lifestyle opened its studio as well for customers but only on appointment basis.

-Client meetings are now only appointment based and takes place only in outdoor seating with compulsory mask.

-The Central Air conditioning system has been temporarily disabled , all windows are kept open.

- All employees are checked with IR thermometers for their temperature , twice a day.

-And no customer / employees are allowed in the premises without a disinfectant spray and mask.

- Deliveries to customer's location is done with minimum labours. All service men are instructed to keep more than safe distance from clients during installations. All pieces are sprayed with disinfectants before being handed over to the client.

A little caution can go long way! It is tough times, but we all are together in this. Social distancing and proper hygiene can prevent us from falling sick , furthermore prevent the elders in our homes from suffering. Please share these tips with your friends and family. If you have any ideas of your own to keep homes corona free, kindly drop in the comments section.

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