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Cushions are the answer!!!

Answer to what ?

Well, Cushions are the answer for all boring chairs, bed and floor corners in your home. Adding life to a regular / dull room is not so hard after all.

We all have that one place in our homes where something feels missing ! Right ? To end all doubts, we are giving you one simple advice/ trick - Get some cushions!

East Lifestyle , Home center, Fab India are some of the few brands which offers a wide range of cushion covers.

Over 200 varieties available @Eastlifestyle

Tips :

1. Bold colors : Don't shy away from using bold colors in cushion covers ! Add solids like Hot Pink, Fluorescent yellow, minty green , bridal reds. Try and you will see how your sofa/couch will feel new all over again.

2. Use rule of 4:3 : 3 seater sofa ? Add four cushions. Two on each side.

Best idea : 2 solids and 2 prints !

Buy now @eastlifestyle- home decor brand

3. Got an upholstered sofa ? try adding Silk or linen fabric cushions to it. And see the difference in the decor !

4. Got an empty corner between sofas and chairs ? Did you try throwing over sized cushions there? Average size covers are 12*12 or 16*16 inch. Buy 24*24 inch for your cozy corner!

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