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Furniture and Décor Tips for the first time home owners

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

You may live in multiple cities, change different homes, buy dozens of properties, but the excitement and the happiness that comes from the first house you ever buy is totally unmatched to any other experience.

Based on your budget you design the space you own, think of décor themes, check various Pinterest boards and Instagram profiles to get some DIY ideas on furniture for new home. While it’s all exciting and liberating, this is a responsibility which can often overwhelm a lot of people. For such moments, we have some tips for you, read through the blog to help yourself and your friends with new homes!

furniture for new home
furniture for new home


First thing first, before you paint your walls or buy your furniture, come up for a theme for your home. For example - If you like open spaces, opt for minimalism, if you have children – you can go for floral and animal themes for their rooms, if you are a young working person- opt for some warm tone theme and so forth. Once you know your theme, it will be a lot easier for you to know what to put.

2) Stay Neutral

If picking a theme is not something you think you can do, then go neutral for your big elements of your new home. Such as walls, floorings, curtains, kitchen cabinets and counters. Opt for Earthy tones such as beige, whites, light greys and caramel brown. Using such tones will help you play around much better with furniture and other décor items.

3) Make a list

When shopping furniture for new home, it is easy to feel the need of spending more than what you originally had thought of. To avoid such incidents, make a list of the must have furniture items for your new home, and stick to it.

4) The LIST / The Must haves

Depending on the size of your home and your likings, there can be over 100s of furniture pieces which can be added, but to begin with, we have shortlisted a list of must have furniture pieces when you move into a new home, East Lifestyle, can customize all your furniture pieces as per your requirement and liking. East Lifestyle is the place to go for best custom made furniture in Bangalore.

- A super comfortable bed – Make sure you don’t settle for cheap product when it comes to bed and mattresses, it’s a matter of your spine !

super comfortable bed
Super comfortable bed

- Spilling luxury kind of sofa – Sofa is where most of your guests will spend their time, make sure it looks like you worked hard to get it made.

- Spacious dining table – A minimum 6-seater dining table is recommended even for homes with just 2 people, because when friends come for brunch / dinner you need to have enough space. Buy custom designer dining table at East Lifestyle.

Dining Table
Dining Table

- A set of tables- Often known as nesting tables – a 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 set works great for homes with small spaces. Buy customized coffee tables

coffee table
coffee table

5) Meet a specialist – If you think you need some professional guidance for furnishing and décor of your home, don’t think twice. There are designers providing interior consultations for all budgets. Brands like East Lifestyle who customize furniture as per their client’s requirements, also provide interior consultation and helps you pick the right furniture for your new home.

Hope these tips helps you decide and choose better for your first home. And just remember, take one step at a time. No need to put every piece of the puzzle together in one go, take your time and your budget and then go step by step from ‘most important’ furniture piece to “the least important”.

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