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Unique Furnishing Ideas for Small Apartments

Home cannot be defined by its size. It can be 500 sq feet city apartment or 4000 sq feet country house. What makes house a home is the warmth and the life you put in that space. Furnishing and décor for small apartments however is trickier than a big house. Being able to put all essential elements without compromising on the style of the house. Check out some interesting decor and furniture ideas for small apartments that can make the tiniest of room look worth millions!

Decor idea for very small rooms
Mini Living room idea

- Bring in the light – The utmost and the most crucial element of any small home- Natural Lighting. Having huge windows makes a very positive visual impact, if natural light is an issue then go for artificial lighting. A dull room will always look small and miserable. From ceiling lights to lamps, from high end luxury lighting options to affordable fairy lights, there are numerous lighting options for all budgets now available easily.

unique furniture ideas for small apartments
Unique furniture ideas for small apartments

- One mega piece – While most people think that small rooms should have small sized sofas and other furniture items, on the contrary, having one big element, such as an oversized Sofa, a supersized occasional chair etc.. will add volume to your small room. Go for a large sectional sofa which will not only provide extra seating but also add warmth to your room. Visit East Lifestyle for some great sofa designs.

Furniture ideas
Furniture ideas

- Throw away the Legs – Yes! while furnishing small apartments and looking for adding storage cabinets / TV Consoles / Entertainment units, get rid of the legs. Attach these units directly to the wall and the free space between the unit and floor gives a false illusion of having huge empty space. Contact East Lifestyle, custom furniture studio in Bangalore to get your unique display unit designed just for your home!

- Full length neutral solid curtains – Add ceiling to floor curtains to add instant height to your room. Also, opting for neutral tones like beige, whites and greys add to the illumination of the room, thereby adding space. Stay away from prints and dark colored fabric as they look too heavy for a smaller room.

- Studio apartments – Take inspiration from NY Studio apartments, use same tone and color theme for the entire house from living room to kitchen, make differentiation using signature style over sized rugs. Create visual boundaries using wall art!

Living room furniture
Cozy Living Spaces

Furnishing a small apartment
Furnishing a small apartment

-King Size Bedroom (look wise) - While most people forget decorating their bedroom, but let’s not forget, it’s your safe space, it’s one place in your small home which gives you the rest you need! So create a king size bedroom for yourself. Keep your walls and curtains neutral, but add an element of fun and color with your furniture. Paint that bed side table with a pop yellow or a neon blue. If your room is square shaped, you can add a high headboard to your bed to add height to the room. Add mirror to your wardrobe or just a floor mirror, place it in the corner of your room to give a dual visual impact.

- Add some life to your room- Most small apartments don’t have huge balconies or garden spaces, don’t let this prevent you from bringing in the greens in your room. There’s a variety of indoor plants available that can add color and life to your room. Also incorporating the outdoor elements indoor adds volume to your home instantly.

Living room plants
Indoor plants

Try these simple things while furnishing a small apartment, and you can make it look like a magazine shoot room. But, don’t forget to add your personal touches, such as your instrument if you are a musician, your painting if you are an artist, a book shelf if you love to read, a cafe like dining set up if you enjoy your coffee, a colorful throw pillow if you have the hippie in you living in city. It’s the personal elements that makes even a small apartment warm and full of design and life.

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