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Hot summer night ? Tips to cool down your room.

Use bamboo mats and cotton drapes to cool the room

We all love a nice warm cozy bed to sleep in but not the same in summers ! "Chill mode on" is what we need when we come back from scorching summery day . Read below to find out how you can keep your cool and your room cool even without an AC. Well yes, room can be kept cool without an AC too, our grandparents didn't have the luxury of "press the button and let's chill" . So for power-cut nights and nights without AC, here is what you can do :

Trick 1 : Go back to the school !

Straight out of the ice - box age , this trick works like magic. Place a bowl or a pan ( Roasting or shallow) of ice cubes infront of the fan, a cool mist will be thrown your way as the fan picks up cooling wind from the melting ice. It may not last you all night long,but it sure will kill your sunburn !

Best for Dorm rooms

Trick 2 : Let's go Cotton-eyy !!

While satin and silk might be choices of a luxurious bedding arrangement, let's not forget , in heat these fabrics are not so comfortable. Use light cotton bedsheets and pillows in summers. Preferably light colored . Same goes for the curtains. The breathable cotton fabric lets the room ventilated well enough.

Trick 3 : Unplug the electronics

While gadgets are our closest friends these days, they won't help you cool down though. The heat radiated from electronic equipments heats the room, turn off the TV, computer etc. Try to never place a refrigerator in your sleeping room ( this one goes for PG people and people living in smaller accommodations ) .

Trick 4 : Install blinds or blackout curtains.

Nothing works better than stopping the harsh sun from heating your rooms during the day time. Keep your windows closed till later evening and only let the cooler breeze cross your rooms.

Trick 5 : Let's get "Planted" .

While a lot of us stay away from indoor plants mainly for the fact that along them comes our worst enemies - MOSQUITOES . Well we can play smart here. Use only those plants which are known to be natural mosquito repellents, such as peppermint, lavender, basil and rosemary . While they may not be complete indoor plants, they can be placed near the windows to help them get the sun and yet filter out your air .

Indoor plants add life and cool air to your room

Well, if nothing works, freeze your bed-sheet for a while before going to sleep. The blow of fan and chilly bedsheet of yours will let you fall asleep before the bedsheet goes warm again .

Happy summers to you.

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