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Positive Homes ! Secret Revealed...

Have you seen how some places like Resorts and Holiday Homes feels more lively and peaceful at the same time, how some corners of your house makes you feel more comfortable and calmer, how certain office spaces feels less chaotic and more serene ?

There is no science involved in creating a heaven on earth for yourself right where you are. This #blog we will share some great hacks and tips for #PositiveHomes #beautifulhomes !!

We will emphasize on adding the basic 5 elements of Earth - Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood. #fiveelements #earthelements

Airy Mansion

Earth : Keep it open - Simple yet often overlooked fact while creating homes. Use of Large windows, airy passageways, ceiling windows adds not just natural light to a home but also improves the zen / Vaastu of the area, thereby attracting positive energies and vibrations, making the room feel lighter and calmer.

Water : No we are not talking just about having a bathroom or kitchen sink ! Adding elements of flowing water source adds the natural element of water i.e. being free flowing and adjusting. No wonder homes with Swimming pools have such calming and cheerful environment.

Have some small water fountain ( best place to have a fountain is at the entrance of your home ) , if you can't have an actual water fountain , then you can put up a poster / painting of a waterfall or a sunrise view of the ocean ( Not sunset ) .

Have water floating candles and flowers placed in a big bowl which can be placed at your entrance. #swimmingpool #waterfountains #indoorfountains #water #elements #vastu #fengshui #zen #lifestyle #positivevibes

Fire : Fire is the element which represents characters like joy , fun , leadership and brightness. Kitchen which is the main element of fire in the house is also the main center of the house. Make sure your kitchen is clean and spacey. A well lit kitchen with ample natural lightning is the key to abundance in that space.

Scented candles in bathroom and other rooms is a great option

Add Fire elements to your home even outside the kitchen.

- Put some scented candles ( Cinnamon, Lavender, Rosemary, Sandalwood ) in bathroom.

- If weather and space allows, adding even a small fireplace in the living room provides a very cozy and a warm touch to the house.

Cozy Living room with fire place

Wood : A basic yet one of the most important element in any home. Wood adds to basic characteristic of being grounded, strong and long lasting. From furniture to home accessories, flooring to doors, wood can be instilled in any home a lot more easily than any other element.

Visit for custom made bespoke wooden furniture.

Wooden bed headboard

Metal : Metal represents nature of empowerment and reaping. These attributes are important for strengthening the core of any home. Not just in building materials, but also in objects inside the house.

Best form of metal to be used for homes include Gold, Silver, Brass and Copper.

It can be done by adding cutlery made of these elements..

Or use of any art form made using these materials.

Metallic cutlery

Use this simple,easy to implement tips to make sure you have all five elements of Earth done right in your home. Positive homes don't just happen by luck, they need to be worked upon.

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