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The Messy Trend - WABI SABI

Wabi Sabi inspired Dining area

Have you got your Wabi Sabi yet ?

About 2 years back came the trend of messy look in wardrobes and hair, seems like the home trend radar got infected by the same. The latest buzz amongst the interior designers and architects as well as sculptors and furniture designers is “wabi Sabi” – A Japanese word which stands for “imperfect” .

Finding beauty in imperfection is what artists and poets have sworn by for centuries. Home décor is now reflecting on similar lines . Imperfect , messy yet aesthetic and beautiful is what people are now looking for in their home décor.

Some of the ways this look can be achieved are :

1. A brick wall – Exposed brick walls makes for a great living area / bathroom piece. Add a rustic look to an elegant modern home. Try not use to use brick designed wallpapers , as they appear fake. To create a real look, use faux bricks which creates a distressed look for the space . One thing to keep in mind – it’s harder to drill anything into brick walls that are not painted.

2. Hand –crafted Pottery : Ceramics which are made with precision yet have an uneven cut on the edges or unevenly shaped.

3. Grained wooden furniture : Wood furniture has always added an extra touch of elegance and class to any house. Instead of going for thoroughly polished wooden surface, opt for pieces with rough look . A piece which looks like half left at job is what is in . Add a sense of imperfection with perfectly made wooden trunks, un-polished wooden frames for big mirrors , grained wood coffee tables .

4. Wrinkled Linen sheets and bed covers – We all know making our beds in the morning is one mammoth task, with new upcoming trend, we won’t have to feel bad about leaving our bed in a un-made manner . Wrinkled sheets and covers are going to be hot seller in the year 2018 .

Quote – Co-founder of Furlenco and CEO of East Lifestyle- Mr. Kabir Bhasin says

“ Creating aesthetically beautiful imperfect pieces is a harder task as compared to creating perfect pieces . New designs and trends are a perfect mix of accurate measurements and experiments to create an in-accurate piece . ”

Bedroom Wabi Sabi style ! Done yours yet ?

-- this piece of blog has been written and edited by Aprajita Bhargava from East Lifestyle's team and the article was published as a guest post in "The Deccan Chronicle" mainline on 4th December 2017 .

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