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Article: Discovering The Comfort and Style of Lounge Chairs

Discovering The Comfort and Style of Lounge Chairs

Discovering The Comfort and Style of Lounge Chairs

In the pursuit of creating a haven of relaxation within your home, comfort reigns supreme. But comfort shouldn't come at the expense of style. Enter the lounge chair, a furniture masterpiece designed to offer the perfect blend of both. A perfect addition to your cozy corner as you unwind for the day.

Lounge chairs are primarily designed to provide a relaxing and comfortable seating experience. They differ from regular chairs in several ways, such as their more reclined posture, deeper seating, and cushioned or upholstered surfaces. Lounge chairs are often designed with ergonomic support in mind, allowing users to sit for extended periods without discomfort. Lounge chairs offer a variety of shapes and patterns that fit any home decor. They're versatile and stylish, making them a perfect addition to your space. Choose a design that matches your taste and enhances your home's aesthetics. Their unique form and structure make them a popular choice for relaxation areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces, where comfort and style are both equally important Choose a design that matches your taste and enhances your home's aesthetics.

Club Chair and Ottoman winged club chair is an armchair with wing-shaped extensions on either side of the backrest, that provide extra warmth, they were popular in gentlemen's clubs in the 19th century. Today, they are available in a range of styles.

How it all started?

Marcel Breuer of Hungary is credited as the developer of the first lounge chair in 1928. The Lounge Chair is a luxurious furniture set initially crafted and sold by the American furniture company Herman Miller. The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956 and comprises molded plywood and leather materials. It was their first chair made for the high-end market and has since become an iconic piece of furniture. The chair was inspired by the traditional English club chair The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are now part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Why lounge chairs are a great addition to your home?

In today's world, lounge chairs have become an important piece of furniture that not only adds comfort to our lives but also enhances the aesthetics of our living spaces. With the rise of remote work and leisure time, people are spending more time at home, and a good lounge chair can provide the perfect space to relax, read a book, or catch up on a favourite show. Lounge chairs come in a variety of styles, from sleek and modern to classic and traditional, making it easy to find one that fits your taste and decor. Additionally, many lounge chairs are designed with ergonomic features that promote good posture and reduce strain on the body, making them a valuable investment in your overall health and well-being. Overall, a quality lounge chair can be a source of comfort, relaxation, and style in today's fast-paced world.

Stephen Winged Club Chair
"Experience luxurious comfort and classic style with our Stephen winged club chair at East Lifestyle designed to provide optimal support for your head, neck, and shoulders, and crafted with a deep and wide seat for ultimate relaxation."

Durability: A Key Factor

It's true that lounge chairs not only offer a stylish look but are also quite durable. The majority of them are constructed using wood material which adds to their sturdiness.

Indeed, selecting high-quality materials can significantly extend the lifespan of furniture. That's why many families end up passing down their lounge chairs, chaise lounges, and other furniture through multiple generations. East Lifestyle has been providing such quality furniture to its clientele for generations now. It's a worthwhile investment to choose furniture made from durable materials, custom-made to suit your requirements, as it can offer value and comfort for many years to come.

Most traditional lounge chairs are neutral in colour and often come in shades of black and brown. Lounge chairs don’t dominate a place or occupy a lot of it. Ultimately, they’ll enhance the space’s uniqueness without drawing attention away from its attractiveness. Additionally, they have a reputation for fitting into any room’s corner and instantly illuminating the area with their elegant simplicity.

Tips to choose the right lounge chair for your home

While lounge chairs are known to be versatile, it is also vital to pick the perfect chair for your space. Here are some tips to help you choose the right lounge chair for your home.

  • Size

It's important to consider the size of your room and the amount of available space when selecting a lounge chair. If the chair is too small or large, it can throw off the proportion of the room and look out of place. So, it's important to keep the dimensions of the room in mind when choosing the perfect lounge chair.

  • Material (fabric) 

When choosing fabric for a Lounge Chair, it's important to consider factors such as durability, comfort, and style. A durable fabric like leather or microfiber may be a good choice for high-traffic areas or households with pets and children. For added comfort, consider fabrics like cotton or linen. It's also important to consider the style of the fabric and how it will complement the rest of the room's decor. Some popular options include solid colours, patterns, and textures. Ultimately, the fabric you choose should be well-suited to your specific needs and preferences.            

  • Style

Lounge chairs come in many styles, including mid-century modern, Scandinavian, rustic, and bohemian. Materials often include wood, leather, and natural fibres. Choose a style that complements your decor and personal taste, and prioritize comfort and functionality.


A sleek and stylish mid-century lounge chair, featuring clean lines, a comfortable seat, and a minimalist design.- Symphony Z Chair

Reflecting current design trends, contemporary lounge chairs may feature sleek lines, bold colours, and innovative materials like metal or acrylic.

Inspired by Nordic design principles, Scandinavian lounge chairs are known for their simplicity, functionality, and use of light-coloured woods and neutral upholstery.

Embracing designs from past decades, vintage or retro lounge chairs often feature bold patterns, vibrant colours, and quirky shapes reminiscent of mid-20th-century style.
Influenced by utilitarian design, industrial-style lounge chairs may feature raw material like metal and distressed leather, with an emphasis on functionality and durability.

Reflecting a free-spirited and eclectic aesthetic, bohemian lounge chairs often incorporate rich textures, colorful patterns, and a mix of materials like rattan, wicker, and woven fabrics.

Based on your style and preferred level of comfort, you can choose the perfect lounge chair for your cozy space. You can also check the exquisite collection by East Lifestyle and get a custom built lounge chair for your home.

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