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Imagine a home that transcends mere function. A space that reflects your unique personality, anticipates your needs, and whispers stories of exquisite craftsmanship. This is the essence of Homes by East, our comprehensive interior design service tailored to curate your dream residence.

We understand that your home is more than just bricks and mortar; it's an extension of yourself. Homes by East transcends traditional furniture placement. Our team of accomplished designers delves into your vision, understanding your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements. This collaborative approach ensures every detail, from the grand layout to the meticulously chosen throw pillows, reflects your individuality.


Collaborative Design

Our design process begins with in-depth consultations, where we get to know you, your aspirations for your space, and your design sensibilities. We present mood boards, space plans, and material samples, fostering open communication to refine your vision.


Bespoke Solutions

Our core lies in bespoke furniture creation. Homes by East leverages this expertise to design furniture pieces that seamlessly integrate with your existing décor or serve as stunning focal points.


Curation & Sourcing

We extend beyond furniture, meticulously hand-selecting exquisite lighting fixtures, luxurious fabrics, and unique art pieces that harmonise with the overall design narrative.


Project Management

Our dedicated project managers oversee every aspect of the transformation, from procurement and construction to meticulous installation. You can relax knowing your dream is in expert hands.

Homes by East Lifestyle is more than an interior design service;it's an opportunity to transform your living space into a sanctuary that reflects your unique story. Contact us today and embark on journey of creating a home that is as exquisite as it is you.