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Rococo Cabinate

STARTS AT Sale priceRs. 178,611.00 (Prices excluding GST)


Embrace the opulence of the 18th century with the Rococo Storage Cabinet. This exquisite piece embodies the era's signature elegance and grandeur, crafted in a timeless blend of pristine white and gleaming gold.

The meticulously hand-carved details grace the cabinet's body, a testament to the artisanal skill poured into its creation. Intricate gold detailing adorns the edges and handles, adding a touch of luxury that elevates the overall design. The color scheme is a symphony of contrasts: the purity of white beautifully offsets the richness of gold, creating a visually striking piece that effortlessly commands attention.

Inspired by the Rococo design style, this cabinet celebrates the era's love for ornate aesthetics. Paying homage to this design style, East Lifestyle's Rococo Storage Cabinet is a great addition to your vanity, closest or your bedroom.

Rococo Cabinate
Rococo Cabinate STARTS AT Sale priceRs. 178,611.00 (Prices excluding GST)

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