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Celtic D. Chair

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A perfect addition to any dining area, this minimal and comfortable Celic D. dining chair by East Lifestyle can be paired with any dining table of your liking.

Simple Sophistication: The Celtic D. Dining Chair embodies understated elegance with its clean lines and minimalist design. This chair is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of history without sacrificing modern functionality.

Celtic Comfort: While the design remains refreshingly simple, the Celtic D. Chair boasts a sturdy seat and backrest for maximum comfort during even the longest gatherings.

A Touch of Tradition: The backrest of the chair is adorned with intricate Celtic-inspired patterns, adding a touch of timeless heritage to the overall design. This subtle detail allows you to incorporate a piece of history into your modern dining space.

Built to Last: More than just beautiful, the Celtic D. Chair is crafted with quality and durability in mind. This chair is built to be a cherished companion for countless meals and conversations.

Celtic D. Chair
Celtic D. Chair Sale priceRs. 19,914.00

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