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French Regency Console

Sale priceRs. 126,626.00


Indulge instantly elevating the ambiance of any room. Crafted from intricately carved wood, the console boasts a grand pedestal base, reminiscent of the opulent and ornate furniture of the French Regency era.

The meticulously detailed carvings are a testament to the era's exceptional craftsmanship, each flourish a whisper of history. A reminicent of the French Regency era, the console has monochromatic and detailed wood carfing gracing the side of trims and edges. From the motif of the carvings to the detailing on the legs, this wooden console embodies every characteristic of that era.

This classic console can be styled with a grand framed TV or as a mantel for your curated display.

French Regency Console
French Regency Console Sale priceRs. 126,626.00

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