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Luminox Leather Clad Bar

Sale priceRs. 374,618.00

The Luminox Leather Clad Bar Unit boasts a sleek and contemporary design, accentuated by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. This modern facade creates a stunning visual impact, instantly elevating the ambiance of your space. However, the Luxinox isn't just about contemporary flair. The rich, genuine leather cladding adds a touch of timeless sophistication, injecting warmth and a sense of luxury into the design.
Beyond its captivating aesthetics, the Luminox Leather Clad Bar Unit prioritizes functionality. Ample storage compartments ensure you can effortlessly organize your bar essentials, from glassware and spirits to bar tools and cocktail shakers. Integrated shelving provides the perfect platform for showcasing your favorite decanters, vintage bottles, or decorative accents. The spacious work surface allows you to create masterful cocktails with ease. With the Luminox, entertaining becomes a truly luxurious experience, both for you and your guests.

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