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San Marco Chest Of Drawers

Sale priceRs. 162,576.00

Step back into the era of opulence with the San Marco Chest of Drawers, a captivating piece from East Lifestyle's French Empire Collection. This exquisite chest embodies the grandeur of Louis XV furniture design, boasting intricate handcarvings that whisper of a bygone era. Imagine the lavish chateaus of French royalty – The San Marco Chest of Drawers captures that very essence. Its rich, deep color adds to the timeless beauty of it's design and structure, while the detailed carvings add a touch of sophistication that elevates any room. More than just storage, this chest is a conversation starter, a testament to traditional craftsmanship and a celebration of ornate detailing. The San Marco Chest of Drawers isn't just functional; it's a luxurious piece of art that injects a touch of timeless elegance into your home.

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