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Thomas Llyod Chesterfield Sofa

Sale priceRs. 73,617.00

The Thomas Lloyd Chesterfield Sofa is an excellent embodiement of timeless design. The make of this sofa set is classic yet versatile; adding a subtle oopmh to the characteristics of your room. This stately piece is reflection of the craftesmenship acquired over decades.
magine sinking into the sumptuous embrace of high-quality brown leather, its rich tones exuding an aura of sophistication and elegance. The Chesterfield's design is instantly recognizable, its lofty form and deep button tufts whispering of refined taste. The fram is made from premium wood that shall keep it sturdy for years to come.

A touch of luxury is meticulously woven into every detail. Delicate studding adorns the front facings, adding a subtle hint of extravagance that underscores the Chesterfield's inherent grandeur. This is a sofa designed to be the centerpiece of your home, a place where comfort meets refinement.

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